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File for Modification of Child Support Immediately

More than 6.6 million people filed for unemployment last week and more than 10 million people have filed new claims for unemployment in the last two weeks. If you have recently lost your job and if you owe child support under a North Carolina child support order, you should consider filing a Motion to Modify Child Support. Currently, in Mecklenburg County, the Courts are not hearing child support cases. However, you should file a Motion to Modify Child Support as soon as possible if you do not think you will be able to make your payments as ordered. When the Courts resume hearing cases, the Court will be able to modify your child support back to the date you filed the motion. If you wait to file the motion, you will owe the full amount until at least the date that you file your motion. The sooner you file the motion, the better off you may be. If you need assistance with filing a Motion to Modify Child Support, please contact Stallard & Bellof, PLLC.

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