Once retained, most matters are billed on an hourly basis. This requires the client to deposit an initial amount determined by the complexity of the case and held in our trust account; time spent working on the case is tallied once a month and paid from the client’s trust deposit. Clients receive monthly statements detailing billed hours and trust account balances and are expected to maintain funds in the trust account sufficient to cover the monthly billing. It is impossible to determine the precise fee until a case is completed.  We will not make any promise or guarantee concerning the total amount of fees and expenses which may be incurred.

Occasionally, work not requiring litigation can be done for a flat fee; these situations are determined on a case by case basis.

Below is a schedule of services which we provide in most cases for a flat fee – we reserve the right to determine a client’s eligibility for a flat fee.

  • Uncontested Absolute Divorce – $700 plus court filing and service related fees (standard court filing fees and service by sheriff total $275)
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